Flesh and Bone
Flesh and Bone A Body Farm Novel By Bass, Jefferson Book - 2007

I am so enjoying this series! It's less serious than the books I normally read, and I love the entertainment factor. Well, that and the forensics, of course. In Flesh and Bone, we get our interesting cast of characters back, along with a new character: Miss Georgia Youngblood. I loved Miss Georgia and I hope she shows up in future books. This book has been getting beaten up because of the storyline that pertained to evolution vs creationism. I get that. Being willing to see both sides is a good thing, in my opinion. This book contained love, loss, anger, and revenge. (Are you rolling your eyes and thinking "Wait. She said this series is entertaining and less serious than what she usually reads." I know, I know.) Two things that bothered me: 1) The driving directions! All of the "Turn left on this street, and then right on that street, followed by another right on this street," etc, etc, drove me bonkers! Also, 2) When Dr. Brockton was thinking who the "bad guy" might be, he kept failing to consider the person I felt was a huge suspect. All in all, however, a great read! I'm eager to read the next one!

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